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Mastic & Chian products. chiosshop has been commercializing traditional Chios products since 1956. With a sales network that covers whole Greece, the company promotes these distinctive and unique mastic Chian products.

A wide variety of mastic sweets, drinks, delicacies and other products from Chios island you will find in our natural and online store.

Mastic - Products of Chios - Traditional Chian products

It is used in pharmaceutical, perfumes & cosmetics, beverages, bakery goods, sweets, & cooking. According to scientific research, Mastic has antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory and healing action for oral health, gastrointestinal system ( especially at stomach, fights helicobacter pylori) and skin care.
Chios Mastiha is traditionally used for relief of stomach disorders.According to studies, Chios Mastiha contributes to the hygiene of the gastrointestinal system. Inulin is a natural fibre deriving from the chicor's root that supports the growth of the normal intestinal flora. Suitable for diabetics too.
Packages 5 g, 10 g, 50 g
From 29
Packages 450 g, 950 g
From 3.6
Packages 125g, 250g, 380g
From 3.2
Package 700 ml   40% vol
Package 700 ml 40% vol
Packages 330g to 450g about.
Packages 300g, 500g
From 7.5
For all skin types,hypoallergenic 100g
mastic & hyalouronic ocid 50 ml
Reinforcfed action against plaque,gingivitis & cavities 75 ml.
Mastic, Cocoa & Caffeine  150ml
28.3 24.05

No palm oil, No added salt 

Net weight 200g

Packages 125g, 250g, 380g
From 3.2
Hyssopus has many beneficial properties. It is used for the treatment of sore throat, colds, bronchitis, bowel problems as well as skin problems.
Organic Aloe Vera with Chios mastic and lemon  500ml
250g, 450g
From 7.1
Gift baskets with Chian products
Impress your family, friends or colleagues with unique gifts from Chios!
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Mastic is a natural resin with unique properties

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Find here favorite recipes for dishes and pastries with mastic

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Impress your friends or colleagues with unique gifts

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